Director's statement

A few but crucial concepts are at the core of this work: remembering is necessary. Legitimizing is important. Hoping is human. And dreaming is never childish.

I've been willing to make this documentary for years, meant as a sign of affection for my city, but above all for the connection that every human being should maintain with personal roots and traditions. I think it's a work that goes well beyond the borders of my hometown, and I believe it proves my unconditional love for the sea, as such, and for the people that live with it, at it, for it: fishermen.

During the shooting and the editing I have tried more times to imagine what the life of fishermen would be from the other side: water beings that leave to come to their beloved ones and then going back immediately after towards an endless space that swallows them up again, everything in a permanent generational life cycle.

No more men on the foreshore contemplating the sea in front of them, but rather unsteady sailors wishing for the land to embrace them.

Andrea Lodovichetti